Connor Barusch

Trans-Inclusive Legal Consulting


I am a public defender trial attorney and trainer specializing in helping your legal services organization grow to better communicate with, advocate for, and partner with your trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming clients.

Let me help you become the inclusive organization you want to be!


I am happy to work with you to deliver trainings and other services that are tailored to the particular needs of your staff and clients. Specific services I can provide include the following:

Introductory / Intermediate Trainings

Introductory trainings start with discussions of basic terminology and etiquette. From there, your staff will participate in interactive exercises that help them build confidence and skill in interacting with trans clients. Specific topics covered can include:

Advanced Trial Skills Training

In this training, we will workshop a case (or several cases) where transgender issues are important to the case. Specific skills that we can work to develop include:

Organizational Assessment and Work Plan

I work with your organization’s leadership to help you provide a more welcoming environment for trans clients. This includes evaluation of and recommendations on:


Public Defender Agencies

Legal Services Organizations

Law School Clinics

Bar Associations


I am currently a public defender trial attorney and trainer in Massachusetts, where I have been practicing law for over a decade. I have been delivering organizational trainings on working with trans people since chairing the Trans Task Force as an undergraduate at Harvard University. I received my J.D. from Boston University, where I worked with other students to create an inter-school clinic that served low-income trans clients in the Boston area. I am a past vice chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, the state’s leading trans advocacy organization.

Remote Training Skills

It’s a pandemic and many people are working remotely and avoiding in-person training. I have the skills to conduct your training remotely using your training platform of choice (Zoom, GoTo, etc.). Because my training uses audiovisual components and breakout groups, I will need to meet with you for a tech check on your platform of choice in advance of any multi-person training.


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